Sunday, 9 September 2012

"Apna Gareban" - Must Watch Video Series - Matiullah Jan exposes Pakistani Media Anchors

Accountability of Pakistani Media - (Apna Gareban Matiullah Jan DAWNNEWS)

Apna Gareban - Corruption in Pakistan - Manipulation of Journalism in Pakistan

Apna Gareban - Corruption in Pakistan - Pakistani Journalists Living in Government Houses
Watch another episode of Apna Gareban with Matiullah Jan (Dawn News).  This is another eye opener about corruption of black sheep in Journalism. Matiullah Jan has exposed those journalists who are living in Government houses in Islamabad and paying a nominal rent of RS 3,000 to 6,000. It is even more amazing to hear unreasonable reasons given by those journalist to justify their corruption. Mushtaq Minhas, Rauf Klasra, Sabir Shakir, Khizar Klasra (brother of  Rauf Klasra), Saleh Zafir, Waheed Hussain and many others have been exposed in this episode.

Apna Gareban - Corruption in Pakistan-Hajj Funding on Tax payer's Money (By DAWN News)
Many big names in media have availed the free Hajj Facility provided to journalists by the Interior Ministry. In this episode of Apna Gareban, Matiullah Jan exposes these names and talks to some of them, who not only confess to their crime but also offer to pay back. Guests: Khalid Hanif (Resident Editor, Jang)Asma Shirazi (Anchor, Samaa Tv), Asif Bhatti (Reporter, Geo News), Shamshad Mangat (Reporter, Waqt News), Khizar Klasra (APP).

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